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Thursday, 13 January 2011

Asia's Most Hyperactive Gay Boy™ is Freezing

Hello, Friends!

It's fucking freezing.

My fingers are numb and the only way I'm getting any sensation back into my extremities is by madly moving along to Hed Kandi beach house whilst my fingers are desperately wrapped around the Bodum.

I don't do winter very well. Fuck, I don't do winter, full stop. I grew up in the Philippines. I'm used to taking my clothes off rather than layering them on.

Chris somehow had it in his mind that we're going trekking up Snow Mountain in Taiwan over the Lunar New Year. I agreed, "as long as you're patient with me," I hedged. "I don't do too well in the cold."

Tit for tat. I've dragged Chris along to countless parties, vernissages, openings, etc -many of which have turned out to be duds. He gamely plays along, as long as he's got a glass of sauvignon blanc. So I thought, hey, what's a few days up Taiwan's second highest peak? But when the travel agent reverted with a kilometric checklist of snow trekking equipment, Chris regarded me for a few seconds and decided: "Nah. We'll just do a day trek somewhere and spend the rest of the time in Taipei."

Phew. Thank goodness!

I've been to Taipei years ago, fresh from a break-up. It was an exhilarating and horrifying experience. Exhilarating, because Taiwanese boys, like Pinoys, are gorgeous, friendly and FAST. Horrifying, because one such boy - a cute twink from Kaohsiung - came back with me to my hotel room. He was inexperienced. He  made a big mess on my bed sheets. I'll say no more.

So I'm looking forward to doing Taipei again, this time with Chris. And this time around, I'll be focusing on the city, itself - which I remember little of because I was previously obsessed with partying.

Besides, when you've got a man who looks this hot, why waste time looking at other boys and feeling cold?

With Affection,

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