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Monday, 7 March 2011

Tennis Balls: Gilles Simon

Hello, Friends!

Gilles Simon is not the best player on the ATP. Although Gillou was once ranked world number 6, the best players remain King Roger, my husband Rafa, and naughty Nole.

Neither is Gillou is the handsomest guy on the men's tour. Roddick, Del Potro and Verdasco are more beautiful.

But Gillou is enigmatic. I'm drawn to him. Rather, I'm drawn to his "tennis balls." He always seems to reach a heightened sense of "excitement" at every match. Perhaps he finds the whole premise of tennis intensely stimulating?

And so whilst I look forward to Roger's legendary grace or Rafa's legendary power or Nole's legendary jesting, I have come to look forward to Gillou's legendary... protruberance.

I only hope for the sake of our continued enjoyment that Gillou manages to protect his bulging tennis balls from possible injury whilst still affording us maximum viewing pleasure.

Ladies, gentlemen, and everyone in between - welcome to the newest series on -


All hail Gillou, the King of Balls.

Happy Monday!

With Affection,

Gillou pumps his fist.

Gillou moans.

Gillou celebrates.

Gillou concentrates.

And Gillou makes a point.


Anonymous said...

Gilles Simon IS the hottest male tennis player on the circuit. Have you seen his eyes? And now that gay marriage is legal in France I can marry him!

James Gannaban said...

heartbroken that gillou lost to the fed at roland garros. lol - and more power to you, go snag that yummie tennis player!!!