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Monday, 15 October 2012


donny de silva
Finally, he's allowed to have a bit of ice cream.

Of all the candidates at this year's Mr Gay Hong Kong, it was Donny who approached the process with tactical caution.

"Darling, can we meet up for lunch or coffee? Just wanna know more about the competition... hear more what it's all about, so expectations are clear on both sides..."

So we had lunch at 208 Duecento Otto. Wait, that's a lie. I  had lunch; Donny simply watched me stuff my face with food from the antipasti buffet whilst he dutifully abstained from the salty goodness of the cured cold cuts. I knew then, I was in front of a serious contender.

"How can I do better?" he asked just before the candidates were interviewed by South China Morning Post's Joanna Chiu at Paul Gerrard. It was midway through to the Grand Finale and Donny was firmly middle of the pack in the Online Vote.

"Just be youself," I replied, slightly bewildered. After all, what else I could say which might make a difference to someone so good looking?

"Ace the final Q&A round," I added, almost as an afterthought. "Make sure you're relaxed and honest and not seem like you're trying too hard."

Donny, with his personable mien, kickass body sculpted no doubt by hundreds of hours in the gym, and a Herculean discipline to abstain from bad food (I'm making a note to myself) won Best in Swimwear and 1st Runner-up.

He also pulled away with runner-up in the Online Vote, at the very last day.

What a real contender, to the very end.


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