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Monday, 7 January 2013


james gannabanjames gannabanjames gannabanjames gannabanjames gannaban 

Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of having been in a movie set.

It was a shoot for a shortie, made to escalate the oft-ignored issue of workplace gender discrimination against lesbians, gays, transexuals and bisexuals.

I played Richard, a cancer sufferer who is partnered with a closeted guy who fails to visit me in the hospital. He is not out for fear of retribution in the workplace. His colleagues are bullies who don't accept sexual minorities.

I die.

It's all very bleak.

But in truth, such is life.

People are scared of things or situations which they're not familiar with. And sexual minority is unfortunately one of those things.

So whilst I'm sitting here, ensconced in a powerful online environment where everything is tolerated - welcomed, even, for the sake of being different - the truth is much harder to digest.

Most of us are still pretty much ignorant about sexual minorities.

It's time for a change.

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