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Saturday, 9 March 2013


james gannaban photo IMG_5525_zpse67925cd.jpg pui o photo IMG_5537_zpsafca4150.jpg pui o photo IMG_5545_zps0cec5d7e.jpg pui o photo IMG_5550_zps78496f07.jpg  photo IMG_5574_zps64a2461c.jpg  photo IMG_5576_zps3c7decc6.jpg chris adams photo IMG_5584_zpsde667d85.jpg

The sun beat down our faces today, making our 16k walk extra exhausting. Hard to believe that just last Saturday, it was so chilly and wet, Chris and I had to wear raincoats at the highest points of our walk from Pui O, around the Chi Ma Wan Peninsula.

The mist and clouds and rain had a charm all their own. It reminded me a lot of the moody Yangmingshan trail - wet, wild, unpredictable.

I enjoyed the walk mostly because it seemed as though only Chris and myself were silly enough to have ventured out on such a gray day.

We had Mother Nature all to ourselves.

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