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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

The Diva Video Of The Day™ Cyndi Lauper / Time After Time (LIVE)

Cyndi Lauper cemented her place amongst pop culture's most celebrated LGBT rights champions with her hit single, True Colors. However it is Time After Time that's my enduring favourite. The poetic lyrics, the push-pull melodic tension and the song's general sentiment make it easy listening whatever your mood may be.

In this live acoustic version, Cyndi Lauper slows it down for a more melancholic, plaintive feel.

"Suitcase of memories" as lyrics suddenly sound much more loaded than the old cliche about emotional baggage. The addition of a violin knocks the bubblegum off this pop-py classic and replaces it with depth of a heartache, instead of (juvenile) heartbreak.

Do you guys like it?

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