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Friday, 26 April 2013


hugh dancy hannibal photo images_zps49dc2230.jpg hugh dancy hannibal photo Hugh-Dancy-Hannibal_zps56c7193a.jpg 

I love Hannibal - the movies, the books, and now, the TV show. There's something inexplicably sexy about an intelligent and cultured human being who kills other human beings in order to eat them. That's just so... indulgent!

In the new-ish Hannibal TV series on NBC, English actor Hugh Dancy plays Will Graham - a gifted criminal profiler and hunter of serial killers. Inadvertently - and unknowingly - he participates in Hannibal Lecter's peculiar nutrition and dietetics program.

Doesn't he just look so exquisitely tortured?

I want to eat him.

Or maybe he can eat me.



Magic said...

I'm watching it too. Like Hugh Dancy in Adam (2009) and glad to see him on tv.

James Gannaban said...

Ooooh, must go have a look at Adam!!!