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Tuesday, 21 May 2013


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Sometimes, I'm a monster.

I had an outburst on Facebook last night. I was just seething from bottled-up anger and I couldn't contain myself any more.

It's not an easy gig, werqing on, in and around Hong Kong's LGBT community. It's tedious, tiring and often thankless. And yet I've found enough reason to stick it out because I'm in a community of warriors. Everyone's a volunteer. Everyone has a day job. Awesome if you get paid for your community work but often, a "thank you" is all you'll ever get - and you have to find joy and contentment in that. We're at the forefront of a movement, right when the tide of history is turning. That alone is enough motivation for me to keep going. I'm getting goosebumps just thinking about it!

The monster comes out when I see other people who fashion themselves as "leaders" of this movement when, in fact, some of them are the first to have excuses and the last to deliver results. They simply see the rise of the LGBT community as an opportunity for them to further their names, advance their careers and grow their businesses. Meanwhile, the rest of us warriors keep our chins up whilst our heels are weighted down with fantabulous werq. And meanwhile-meanwhile, said leaders feel it is their position to offer opinions on every fucking issue including the Grand Opening of an Envelope, when in fact they contribute NOTHING!


It's all well and good to seek advancement in life - that's human nature, duh! But bitchiz, you better fucking DO THE WERQ.

My "business" partner AD (business is in quotes because we have yet to make money), my Mr Gay Hong Kong boys and I have all been donating our time for the community. It has been our pleasure to work with Eric Herrara of Fruits in Suits, another tireless warrior. Altruism is its own reward and does not need further justification. I REPEAT: WE ARE ALL VOLUNTEERS AND WE ALL HAVE DAY JOBS, TOO.

Well, I have had fucking enough from some older "leaders" in the community who not only don't help, but also are themselves the stumbling blocks. They don't enable; they disable.

Listen up, bitchiz! You have been around longer than we have! You know better than we do what homophobic discrimination, suffering and bullying are all about! And yet, here you are, imposing your awful presence on us all. Do we have to carry your sorry weight around whilst we rally to bring this movement forward? Your inertia, presumption, opportunistic behaviour AND penchant for imposing your opinions when none are required - you make me sick, sick, sick!

I am thiclose to exposing you... and you know who you are, otherwise you wouldn't have messaged me last night immediately following my very public outburst.

Are you scared?

I know I'm a monster.

But what kind of a creature are you?

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