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Thursday, 11 July 2013


Everyone says they're busy. Me, I'm Hyperactive.

The past three months have seen heightened Hyperactivity, though, because I've been planning the party to mark the year's most important media event: HK1K. It's the local strain of that global superbug known as Y2K, but better 'coz it isn't stressful on anyone - not even on myself, surprisingly. I'm usually a worrywart.

HK1K is the 1,000th issue of HK Magazine, Asia's first-ever free distribution weekly periodical for city dwellers. Every Friday, the magazine is delivered to Hong Kong's best bars and restaurants, cafes and coffee shops, supermarkets and delis, gyms and spas, clubhouses and lobbies, galleries and retail shops. And as soon as our pages hit the streets, a fanatic tribe of readers known as "HK Hipsters" religiously pick them up. This has been a ritual for the past 22 years.

On July 12, Friday, this tribe will gather for the HK1K Big Bash at Magnum (RSVP). They'll drink and dance the night away like heathens, blissfully oblivious to Mercury retrograde. Traveling backwards through the zodiac is only an illusion! The past 22 years are but a glorious pretext to worship at the altar of alternative lifestyle. Cacophonous beats urge us to gyrate - not plod, not march - into the future. See? The past has passed already. What's real is here and now, and what you want to do is up to you. Isn't that thought the sweetest ambrosia to lull your hipster soul into blessed slumber?

The next day, you'll awake unaware that the previous night's hedonism holds any more significance. That's as it should be. HK1K, like Y2K, is ultimately benign. It leaves as soon as it has made its presence felt to you. You've been through it. And although you're not sure what it is, that's ok.

See? The past has passed already. 

But since the next seven days are yet to come, we might as well chat about what's happening, what's appealing, what's pleasing, what's new, what's delicious, what's controversial, what demands an action, attention, what's worth doing.

Before you know it, it's once again the last day of your work week.

Thank Fuck It's Friday.

That's how - and why - we've come to this ritual.

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