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Sunday, 11 August 2013


Had a huge belly laugh from listening to this.

It is the height of AWFULness. HOW / WHY the fuck did this song get recorded, when the vocalist was incoherent? Or, was that why this was given a pass - exactly because the vocalist (can't bring myself to say 'singer'...) was so incoherent, it therefore qualifies as one of those "it's so bad, it's good" moments in pop culture???

Now we know what "unable to carry a tune" means; nowhere - not for second - was this tune ever carried, much less, sang.

It was sneezed.

RIP Stephen Gately.


It's unfortunate that a healthy 33 year old pop star suddenly died the way Stephen Gately did, and even more so that cheap controversy followed.

It was yucky, how the Bulgarian "friend" who had slept with Gately's partner, Andrew Cowles, allegedly sold the story for E70,000 to The Sun. What a lowlife.

But in the end, we truly only care about music.

This isn't music.

We don't know what this is.

Louis Walsh, explain.

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