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Friday, 2 August 2013


  the-mandarin-barger-hong-kong photo MOHKG-TheMandarinBarber04-highres_zps702b9cb5.jpg

I got a really awesome treat from The Mandarin Barber for my birthday: a rejuvenating Royal Men's Facial. It features chilled stones being rolled onto the skin using smooth massage movements, preparing it for a glamtastic 24-carat nano-fold mask that promises to reduce the appearance of fine lines.

“How’d you like it?” Nina Colls, The Mandarin Oriental’s Director of Communications bussed me on both cheeks as I emerged from the treatment room.

“I feel asleep,” I said sheepishly. “Don’t remember much.”

Actually, that’s a lie. I remember waking up from my own snoring.

I had just organized HK Mag’s epic 1,000th issue celebration event at an outdoor lot in Causeway Bay, then traveled to Manila a few hours later to host my cousin’s wedding. I was back in Hong Kong less than 24 hours later, virtually running just on adrenaline. My skin was dull and gray and lifeless - like dried fish. 

I snapped a selfie immediately following the facial and Whatsapped it to my mom. She wanted to fly to Hong Kong that very moment to have the same treatment. I looked like I slept for 3 days straight. My skin was soft and supple and plump - loaded with moisture. Even my eyebags seemed to disappear. I couldn’t stop poking my cheeks, like that girl in the Fancl ad.

And I do remember that my therapist, Shanti, applied lip balm to my dry, chapped puckers. Sensing that my cuticles might be dry, as well, she brushed a bit of oil over them. Talk about TLC! I mean, who else does that for you??

“Happy birthday!” The receptionist waved prettily as I left the Barber. 

“I’ll email you with more info,” said Aqua Chiu, the Mandarin’s Social Media Manager, as she put me into a cab.

Mandarin hospitality.



Grab a chance to win a Royal Men's Facial (HKD1300) at The Mandarin Barber at Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong. Go to MOHG's Facebook Page and answer the question:

"What is 'Good as Gold' when it comes to keeping yourself young?"

Post your answer in the comments section before 6pm on 8 Aug, 2013. The best answer chosen by Gaylia Kristensen will win!

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