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Friday, 8 March 2013

The Diva Video Of The Day™ Beyonce / I Was Here (LIVE)

Beyonce is quite possibly my favourite amongst my generation of divas, with Christina Aguilera a very close second. But whilst Christina's best years vocally are behind her, Beyonce's seem to still be ahead.

Her voice is rich and soulful and sexy and powerful and flawless. Sure, she's undeniably a pop star, but she's also clearly risen above just being a pop star.

This song could have been too smart or touchy-feely for comfort, but the honesty and simplicity of her delivery gives it (oddly enough) gravitas.

I love the rise and fall of the song. The low, chest-y verses show off a rarely heard part of Miss B's immense vocal range.

Any other diva might have been dwarfed by that extra-wide, extra-busy video wall. Not so Beyonce.

Happy Friday, bitchiz!

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