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Monday, 28 January 2013


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We woke up extra early on Sunday morning so we could catch the ferry from Sai Wan Ho to Tung Lung Chau.

"We only have time for a quick breakfast," Chris warned, perhaps sensing that I was about to fire up the wok with a festive fried noodle dish. I had to content myself with scrambled eggs and my usual cup scalding-hot black coffee, then we were off running to Sheung Wan MTR.

We got to to the Sai Wan Ho ferry terminal with 5 minutes to spare before departure - only to find out that Chris read the time table backwards. We were right on time - if we were in fact taking the ferry from Tung Lung Chau to Sai Wa Ho. But since we were going the other way, we had to wait almost a full hour more.

It wasn't all wasted time. Luckily I had the Kindle with me so I worked my way through Jeffrey Archer's Only Time Will Tell.

There was an intriguing public park across from the ferry terminal.

"Doesn't look like Hong Kong at all..." Chris observed.

"Looks more like Japan," I concurred, "with the mirror-like water features and perfectly symmetrical bleached wood cladding."

Sai Wan Ho is an up and coming suburb on Hong Kong island. It has stylish cafes, specialty delis, and even a waterfront dining and nightlife area called "SoHo East."

We enjoyed a pleasant walk around the neighbourhood to burn time whilst waiting for the ferry that would take us to our intended destination.


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