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Sunday, 3 February 2013


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CHRIS ADAMS LUK KENG WAN JAMES GANNABAN luk keng wan james gannaban james ganaban

A thin strip of highland separates Luk Keng Wan // Sides A and B. If Google Translate were to be believed (because of course it's so perfectly accurate and reliable), Luk Keng Wan means "Deer Neck Bay." I can only surmise that the aforementioned strip of highland is the proverbial "deer neck."

Luk Keng Wan // Side A is just a little U-shaped cove, really, sheltered by cliffs. There are some huge-ass rocks and some dramatic splashing of water against said rocks. In my excitement to have my photo taken, I hurriedly took my shoes and socks off and almost slipped on some smooth, wet rocks.

Luk Keng Wan // Side B is a little bit more - hell, make that a lot more - dangerous to access. We had to use a weathered rope, tethered on a rusty water pipe of dubious stability.

"Just grab the rope, lean back and walk backwards," Chris called out from below. Easier said than done, especially since it wasn't something I had done before. To my relief, I made it to the beach in one piece.

"There used to be a pier over there," Chris pointed towards a derelict concrete rubble. Clearly, it wasn't there anymore; we were all alone - which always seeds me with naughty thoughts, especially out in the wild...

The flotsam and jetsam captured a sense of melancholy. A chair, a Mickey Mouse head... I had to give Mickey a kiss. It was Mickey who brought me to Hong Kong seven years ago - and no doubt, to Chris, and to this ruggedly beautiful and isolated place.

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