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Wednesday, 3 April 2013


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"I want an engagement ring," Charmaine told the shop manager, to my great alarm. I mean, of course she wants an engagement ring, who doesn't?

We were at Sassy's shopping event at APM Monaco. As far as I knew, Charmaine was just about to turn 21. Too young to be thinking about getting engaged, for one. But besides that, shouldn't her man be the one looking for an engagement ring for her, and not her? Girls are weird.

"I'm going to Thailand for the long weekend," she explained, "and I'd like for predatory guys to just take a hint and leave me alone."

OK, so now that made sense.

She ended up with a cubic zirconia that was surprisingly affordable. It was a certified sparkler; it looked to be about 1.5 carats if not more.

"The Israeli guys were hot," Charmaine later sighed in recollection. By all accounts, she had a fabulous holiday.

"Did you have any of them?"

"Of course I did not!"

Like I said, girls are weird.

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