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Tuesday, 4 June 2013


This song is heartbreakingly beautiful.

I love Adele's candid intro - her undeniable comfort in her own skin, her honesty, her enviable rapport with the audience.

I love that she begins the song with her eyes closed as she imbibes the song's character. I love how she stresses the lyric make as thought it held the key to the song's dramatic mystery. Every time she sings make, it means a different thing. A plea. A denial. A surrender,

I love that there are no gimmicks to this show - just twin spotlights, a piano, and that voice.

When you close your eyes and you listen to her sing, you'll clearly detect the supple timbre of youth. But you'll also be haunted by its disconcerting depth. It sounds... wise, weary, wretched. But powerful. You're never left in any doubt of her intentions because every single phrase is supported by the scaffolds of shared human emotions.

Adele is so bloody brilliant.

Happy Tuesday listening, everyone!

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