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Monday, 10 June 2013


There are so many things I loved about this - first is song choice. "Loving You" is classic Soul Train fare, as in, sing at your own risk because you will be exposed if you're not singing with and from the soul. Minnie Riperton had a crystalline voice; it sparkled and flowed as spring water. What a gorgeous treat to be reminded of an era when people truly sang.

Second, I didn't know what to expect from Leah McFall (Team but it surely wasn't this. She looks like a psychedelic raccoon; I thought she'd be firmly indie. She proceeded to blow everyone away with something delicious every few seconds or so. Song's old-skool, but her rendition is fresh and gutsy and real. Never once did I think, "Girl, you thought about that a bit too much!"

Third, it's awesome that someone could have an "ugly" tone but still sing beautifully. Well, not really "ugly," but she went places that other singers would be scared to explore because it makes their voice sound strange or creepy or loony. Or maybe they wouldn't, because they're just unable to. You can't take risks if you don't have the right equipment, in the first place - and this girl is fully equipped. She's talented, she's skilled, she's ready, and she's on a hot TV show. What could go wrong?

Happy Monday, bitchiz!

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