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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Hyperactive at the Pole Dance Championship

Hello, Friends!

Pole dancing is awesome, honestly. I wouldn't dare call the "sport" lewd or vulgar. The girls who competed at the recent HK - China Pole Dancing Championship were so strong, they could beat the crap out of me.

I do love figure skating and gymnastics, so it's just a small leap of imagination to grasp the idea that pole dancing demands a similar level of discipline and artistry.

All the contestants were technically skilled - otherwise, they wouldn't be in any sort of championship. But two girls were seriously outstanding. Foxy transplant Nataliia Bikmuulina and local super gal, Tessa Yung.

I can't assume to speak for the judges, but from my Front Row, Centre seat (big thanks to the sizzling Ms. Emma Hammonds and Pure Energy, one of the event's biggest sponsors), I realized that there's just one thing that separates the successful performances from the fails: Face. Sell me your goodies using your face. A pole dancer needs to tell a story - a compelling narrative with a proper beginning, middle and end. Otherwise, we're just watching a dizzying poke-your-eyes-out display of propeller legs spinning madly around a pole. The "athletes" need to consistently display a cohesive marriage of technical precision and artistry in order for this infant "sport" to receive wider mainstream recognition.


My dear friend, Emma, hosted the show. She looked like a Roman goddess; she cracked jokes like a seasoned bar maid. Emma kept me entertained, honestly. And when I found my attention drifting off, I perved the capoeira dancers...


...and one of the photographers, who had more arms than Arnold...


So this is Tessa Yung:


Holy Hyperactive smokes. Her performance had a high level of difficulty, had fluid transitions, and was thoroughly entertaining. She won the entire thing, and girlfriend totally deserved it.

With Affection,

Boys are sooo ALLOWED to pole dance - as long as they look like this:

He goes by the alias "Ah Bill."

Bill's photo courtesy of Ali G Studios

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