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Wednesday, 30 January 2013


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If you love art enough, you're apparently able to build a collection from just USD25. That's about HKD200, which is enough for 2 take away meals for 2 people.

I like that thought.

There's so much hoopla about Hong Kong's burgeoning art scene and our rise as one of the world's auction capitals. All good - except it screams money.

Lots of money isn't bad. In fact, it's a good thing when you're well able to provide for yourself and loved ones, plus have a bit of extra. For lots of gay couples who don't have kids, those "extras" tend to be pets, shopping, travel, and art. My bosses love art. Chris loves art. I do, too. My taste runs towards "happy" art. Quirky, colourful, playful, naughty. But since disposable money doesn't exactly burn holes through my pockets, I content myself with chance meetings with masters such as Yue Min Jun - in a shopping mall, of all places! But except for the huge black-and-white family portrait of Southeast Asian elephants that Chris and I  purchased at an auction (our winning bid was HKD750; we pooled HKD375 apiece), I haven't really found myself in a position to 'invest' in art.      

Art - more than being just about another 'investment' like property or equities or real estate - should be about appreciation. Art has context. Art has a milieu and history and provenance. Art has form. Art has a soul.

If you're going to live with it and look at it every day, you better damn well like it and feel an incredible connection with it.

Take away art is soul food.

Hong Kong's first-ever Affordable Art Fair takes place from 15-17 March.

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