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Monday, 25 March 2013

The Diva Video Of The Day™ Laura Pausini / Celeste

I first encountered Laura Pausini whilst trawling YouTube for Michael Buble's live performances.

Michael Buble is the artist I've always aspired to be - someone who can imbue old standards with an authentic but contemporary sound. In case you've just tuned in to Hyperactive, I gave up a career as a performer when I was 25. At that age, I was fearful that I had already passed my sell-by date as an entertainer and had also reached the upper age limit to be employable for anything else. So I quit and did something else.

I digress.

Laura Pausini was a guest performer at one of Michael Buble's concerts. They did a duet of You'll Never Find, which instantly got me hooked on to the sultry Italian.

Celeste means heavenly or divine. And with Laura Pausini's breathy stylings, she is ethereal music personified.

Happy Monday!

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