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Monday, 13 May 2013

The Diva Video Of The Day™ Cascada - Glorious

The IDAHOT after-party was held at Psychic Jack and the after-after-party was at Roddy's for "meatballs with fungus" dinner. It's even tastier than it sounds.

Johan brought pepper meatballs in soup - in a gorgeous Le Creuset container, no less; Roddy made pasta with marinated meatballs. Johan served up durian pia from Vietnam; Roddy kept our glasses filled with stuff from Watson's Wine. Caro, Lore and I sighed and moaned and writhed in pure pleasure. Afterwards, Roddy even fed me grapes as I lay supine on the floor, spent from an orgiastic food extravaganza.

Roddy inducted us into the Spotify sorrority; Johan introduced us to disco lights by Flashlight. It was an iDance experience, replete with warring soundtracks from Caro's and Roddy's iGadgets. We heard Adele, Paloma Faith, The Gossip, and someone - some thing - that might have been a gorilla, but we couldn't be sure.

This was the track that got me, coz it's just pure bubblegum perfection. It has been chosen to represent Germany at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest. I didn't think the Germans had it in them to create something sooo fluffy. Really. This is the land of Angela Merkel.

Enjoy - and have a fab week ahead, bitchiz!

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