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Thursday, 2 May 2013

The Diva Video Of The Day™ Diana King / Shy Guy (OST Bad Boys II)

I know that I'll be bored with my own company soon enough. But for now, I am finding new ways to enjoy having a space just for myself.

I may now play music in the morning without having to put my headphones on.

I also realized I don't have to open all the windows when I'm cooking adobo. I can trap the delicious, garlicky aroma inside the flat if I so wish.

I may altogether avoid watching "important" films, such as Memento or Lincoln or The Master. I may watch one silly 90s action movie after another, full volume, until my Hyperactive brain is fried. Oops. Too late. Brain's already burnt to a crisp.

Why aren't there any more movies like Bad Boys, where everything explodes?

Why aren't there more genre-defying pop ditties like Shy Guy?

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