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Wednesday, 1 May 2013


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Just came back from the Les Peches party at Bisous. It was so fun. There were loads of lesbians (duh!). But tonight the peaches managed to draw more than the usual number of gay boys. Kudos to PR mavens Betty and Abby, the power couple behind Les Peches.

There were so many gorgeous guys tonight, my eyes were popping out of my head.

"I'm gonna get in trouble!" I yelled above the music towards my friend, Tia. "There are too many good looking boys!"

"Are they all gay?!" Tia asked.

"Of course," I replied authoritatively.

"How can you tell?!"

"By the smell!!"

"What do they smell like?"

"They smell good. And they have an aura. They leave a cloud of pixie dust in their wake."

OK, my explanation totally came out of my nose.

Truth is, I was just googly-eyed at the perfect faces, perfect bodies and perfect butts that paraded endlessly  before me. It reminded me too much of having been single - ages ago! - when I'd go to clubs for a little bit of boogie and a whole lot of booty to take home. But not only am I out of practice. I'm also not single.

And honestly, the thought of having to approach one of these boys for a conversation just scared the shiznit out of me. I mean, what would I say? "May I buy you a drink?" "Nice party!" "Is that Prada?" 

I wanted to barf.

There's a reason why Chris and I have been together for almost six years. I love having that part of my life sorted out - even better, with a man who is just so perfectly handsome, sexy, dependable, intelligent, down to earth, understanding, supportive, kindhearted, et cetera. I think Chris might have also seen some possibilities with me, otherwise he wouldn't have put up with me all this time!

It's been almost a month since he left for Canberra. We communicate everyday through Skype, Whatsapp and Viber.

I do miss having him beside me.

But I know that even if he's not here, he's with me.

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