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Thursday, 13 June 2013


I want you to know I have a wonderful life. I have a wonderful career. It's been a lot of ins and outs and ups and downs and knocks along the way. It all reminds me of my song Upside Down. But all of a sudden I felt like I was comin' out - comin' through it all. They've all been a growing experience. I really feel like I've grown. If I had to live my life all over, I wouldn't change a thing...

Leave it to Diana Ross to say it all! I would have just left it at that, but I'd sooner barf unicorns than sound like I'm congratulating myself for this fabulous, Hyperactive life. I've been here before. Just when you think you've got it good, you step on the proverbial banana peel. You get a pie in the face. You get rainwater in your Manolos. You get slushie'd. You get hemorrhoids. 

And so instead of congratulating myself (because I am happy with my life - and it has taken quite a bit of work to get here), I'll simply commit to becoming a better version of myself. Every day. I don't need to wait for 2014 to make funny New Year's resolutions I know I'll ditch the moment I get a craving for a Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese.

I'm starting right now.

I'm working on me.

2013 is my year. We're halfway through - so what?

Starting now, I'm Hyperactive for me. I'm giving myself more of the magic I've so freely given away to win others' approval. I realize now that I've always been desperately needy for affirmation because I'm not getting much love from myself, in the first place!

And this is the point where we're happy to take on Diana Ross' words:

And if livin' for myself is what I'm guilty of
Go on and sentence me 
I'll still be free 

It's my turn 
To see what I can see 
I hope you'll understand 
This time's just for me 

Because it's my turn. 

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