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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

The Diva Video Of The Day™ Christina Perri / A Thousand Years (LIVE)

Found myself a bit weepy today. The rain had nothing to do with it. Just randomly found this video on YouTube whilst searching through the battle rounds in The Voice Australia.

I searched for the original version, barfed when I saw that it belonged to the OST of Twilight, barfed yet another mouthful when I realized that it's a wedding song.

So why can't I stop crying?

  james gannaban chris adams photo 418149_10151361598728162_28044876_n_zpsa9ae15a6.jpg

The Voice Australia kicks the original US version in the butt, and is MILES ahead of the horrible, horrible UK edition where the judges all hedge and hem and haw and shove talents towards each other.

Plus Delta Goodrem is the awesomest female judge this show has seen, ever.

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